9 interesting things you probably dont know about this church

9 interesting things you probably don’t know about this church

There are so many interesting facts about the Catholic church. Check them out.

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The Roman Catholic church is known for a lot of things such as praying the Rosary, the Pope and more.

All of these make people feel like they know everything about this denomination. Still, I bet you don’t know the following:

1. Catholics do read the Bible: Many people think Catholics only depend on the missal or bulletin, rather the Bible. This is not true. Catholics, just like Protestants, read their Bible during mass and at other times. Also, many of the prayers are taken from the Bible.

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2. Catholics do NOT worship Mary or the Saints: For years, people have argued that Catholics actually worship Mary and the Saints. This is untrue. There is no official Church document that teaches or condones this practice. In fact, the Catholic faith teaches that God alone must be worshipped. However, Catholics honour them, and ask them to intercede on their behalf.

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3. The Bible was compiled by the Catholic church: Years after the death of Jesus Christ, the church recognized the need for an official list of books (the Bible) that people could trust. At the Catholic Church councils in Rome, 46 Old Testament and 27 New Testament books were said to have been inspired by God. Approximately 1200 years later, Martin Luther and the Protestant reformers removed seven books from the Old Testament. Hence, the difference between the Catholic Bibles and the protestant ones.

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4. Catholic means universal: The word “catholic” literally means “universal.” The Latin word is catholicus, in Greek it is katholikos, meaning “on the whole, according to the whole or in general.”

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5. It was the first non-denominational Church: By the above definition, the Catholic church is the original non-denominational church. According to, there were 23 churches under the original Roman Catholic church in the early 2nd century.

6. Any Catholic can baptize: The church is very eager for people to be baptized in order to have salvation. Thus, the church permits anyone, even a non-baptized person to baptize someone in an emergency.

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7. The Vatican City has the highest crime rate in the world: These crimes include pickpockets, and purse snatching.

8. The church recognises over 10,000 saints.

Catholic Fun Facts

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9. The Roman Catholic Church is the oldest in Christian history!

Source: Pulseng

With 41 days to go The Catholic Praise Concert officially storms St. Leo with Pre-Event activities

With 41 days to go the Catholic Praise Concert team officially storms St. Leo with PreEvent  activities.

The catholic praise concert organizing team is set to launch at the event venue with a whole lots of activities from Selfie instagram snap card, mascots, Cpc T shirt sales, fliers distribution and so much more. Similar activity will likely be going on some other locations in Lagos.

Catholic Praise Concert 3 Team
Catholic Praise Concert 3 Team

Join us as we bring light to the world by making his name known and preparing for one of the greatest Catholic themed Christian Gospel Concert of all time.

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Catholic Praise concert – Praise for ExtraOrdinary Grace

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Music is “Poetry of the Air”,

Were you there in 2014 when we did the unthinkable?

Did you miss the Miracle in 2015?

Was your voice added to the Songs?

It’s coming again in 2017, get ready to join in and Praise…….


The Catholic Praise Concert is a one-day, Gospel music concert which has become an annual Catholic evening of Praise music offering to God for Christians. It features some of the best-known musical talents in the Gospel music genre. The Event debuted on the 26th of April 2014 and subsequently evolved into an annual tour with increased momentum in terms of performances, anticipated crowd and venue. It features; praise, worship, dance, and special highlight performances.

During a recent press conference granted by the organizers to the members of the press; print and TV on Saturday 24th June, 2017 at St. Leo Catholic Church which happens to be the venue for this year’s concert, Rt. Rev. Msgr. John Aniagwu, Rev. Fr. Joseph Anyanwuand Mr. Peter Egbumokeireiterated the fact that the event isopen foranyone to attend, for all Christians and individuals who thirst for God, and want to praise God.

Rt. Rev. Msgr. John Aniagwu who is the Parish Priest, St Leo Catholic ChurchRt. Rev. Msgr. John Aniagwu who is the Parish Priest of the Host Parish, St Leo Catholic Church, also stated the fact that the Catholic Church is very open minded, and diverse in its worship of God, and that the Church is not boring at all and that Catholics love God and honour Mary the Mother of God and not worship her.

Some of the artist present; Rev. Fr. Adelana AKA Fada Fuji, Tessi Aniesi and Ella vibes all stated the challenge faced by Gospel artists in terms of funding and how events like the Catholic Praise Concert is highly welcomed to support Gospel artists in the Church and help them reach out to the world.

Tessi AniesiTessi Aniesi made a rather funny but true statement about how some TV houses show gospel songs in the morning and not in the peak period when people can actually watch them and said it wasn’t good enough to motivate the Gospel artists.

For the organizers, the Catholic Praise Concert is simply an opportunity for Christians to come together to praise GOD, interact, put aside un-Godly differences, and together lift one voice in worship to God. In a simple phrase – an offering of PRAISE to God; our lives must go from Grace to Praise of God, that Heaven may take notice of us and our beloved country. It also serves as a medium to showcase beautiful Gospel talents that our country is endowed with.

Press ConferenceThe Catholic Praise Concert is being organized by the Felicia Michael SoS Foundation, House of Ogugua Michael Egbumokei and Yellow Craig in conjunction with Saint Leo Catholic Church. It is powered by the Holy Spirit and proudly supported by Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, Inspiro Productions and Donralph Media Concepts Limited- DMG.

We have come together to celebrate Christ and share our faith while evangelizing Christ through music.

  1. This year’s artist line up promises to lift our spirits even higher to the Lord.The 2017 edition of CPC will be featuring; Rev Fr Lawrence Adelana (AKA -Fr Fuji), Rev Fr Tony-Maria Boluwaji , Joe Praize, Tessy Aniesi, Daniel “A_Strings” Azuka (Violinist from Turkey), Kenny K’Ore, Prisca D Nightingale, Psalmos, Kelar Thrillz, St Charles Lwanga Choir, St Cecilia (University of Lagos) Choir,  EllaVibes, B’Dash, Jesus Baby , DJ X-moe, Harmonic Syndrome, Desmond Unaegbu, Victoria Orenze; we also have Iyke Okechukwu of Tinsel and Ivie Okujaye as compères and so much more.

This year it will Be an offering of Excellent Praise for Extraordinary Grace performance, hence the theme – “Praise 4 Grace”.

Get ready for Catholic Praise Concert Season 3, 11.08.17.

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Raphael Ezike

Head Media and Branding

Catholic Praise Concert